Mann Made Media is a brand experience agency, strategically oriented, technically inspired, logistically defined and creatively driven to produce world-class brand experiences that inform and inspire our client audiences.

We love to make beautiful content. Too often ‘content’ is seen as ‘the client’s problem’. We see it as another opportunity to fully engage an audience by making it concise, compelling and visually delicious.

The business began as a wedding filming venture between brothers Shayne and Kevin 15 years ago and younger brother Mic joined in 2000 after completing a film degree. It has grown to encompass several departments offering services across the spectrum, ranging from events and activations to video and interactive.

The brief is the spark. We look at every brief as if it’s the first brief we’ve ever seen, and we turn it over like those two guys with the computer in Zoolander till we find something special and surprising to build on.

Our events portfolio extends to conferences, launches, road shows, awards and industrial theatre; corporate videos and commercials fall under the video department and we offer staff and consumer activations, as well as real-time metrics with our in-house apps.

Our interactive design department also offers an extensive array of installations, apps, games, websites and social media campaigns.

Our Animation Department is capable of producing a diverse range of services like Animated Infographics, Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D Character Animation, Visual Effects, Virtual Reality and Fly Through's.


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"Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”

Animated videos are hugely popular as a means to convey information and grab your audience's attention. A well executed animated video has the ability to simplify complex concepts and make them more accessible and interesting to a wider audience. Animation appeals to everyone - it's fresh, eye-catching, and brings in an element of fun - even to the most mundane concepts. Many people would rather watch an informative animated video than read the equivalent text, and by using animation, you can look forward to increased conversion rates, and a greater possibility of video sharing and viral marketing. We offer a broad range of animation possibilities tailored to your needs - whether you are looking for an infographic, logo animation, walkthrough, visual effects and compositing, 3d and 2d animation, motion graphics, or virtual reality - we make dreams happen. Anything is possible in the animation world.

Sasfin Transactional Banking

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The Challenge Budget, and to express many parts of the business in one advertisement The Strategy Make a simple video using available resources. We proposed a viral video campaign on Youtube, showing off the company’s capabilities and values while at the same time highlighting that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The Solution When the


The Challenge Launching a converged business offering. The Strategy We were required to create a video to open the event that showed the purpose of launching a converged business offering and to get staff interested and passionate about this new offering. The Solution Opening video for the event that showed the day in a life


The Challenge Bidvest Bank is widely regarded as the foreign exchange specialist, and the TVC needed to reflect this. The Strategy To use techniques such as animation to showcase Bidvest’s business offerings. The Solution We achieved this by developing a bold visual look making use of complex 3D modelling and advanced animation techniques such as


The Challenge Confusion as to why FNB Wealth is an asset No appreciation of the real point of difference No sense that working for FNB Wealth enhances your CV The Strategy Show loyalty and lifelong relationships built by FNB Wealth The Solution The team tells FNB Wealth’s story in their own words Split screen format


The Challenge To create an audiovisual of life in a cashless world defined by connectivity with fully digitised transactions based on touch surfaces and a central device. The Strategy We had to create a multi-platform operating system to suit a number of surfaces, and which was intuitive, agile and user-friendly. The Solution Bringing the system


The Challenge Had to speak to Barclays Kenya employees who were inside the Westgate shopping centre when the terrorist attack took place and to video what they had been through without being insensitive or vulgar. Had to tell the story from their perspective without generalising what happened in the mall but by also giving a


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